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"Nick is the best in the business! I am severely visually impaired and suffer from persistent back, neck and shoulder pain. I have had innumerable massages over the years and can say in no uncertain terms that Nick is the one who offers the best Deep Tissue Massage. I could not recommend him more highly"

(DR) Emma Winter - Cambridge

"He's amazing! Sorted out post pregnancy and my car accident injury for me"

Stephanie Cook - Oakington

"I have had a number of massages with Nick to help with stiff and painful shoulders. I cannot recommend him highly enough. His treatments sorted my physical symptoms and left me with a profound sense of well being. I slept far more deeply too: not a bad side effect"

Clare Stewart, Acupuncturist - London

"Hi Nick, just to say thank you, my arm is so much better today. I played the best tennis and all is wishes" 

Jytte (amateur tennis player) - Cambridge

"Thanks for the treatment on Tuesday. The tension in my neck has really subsided now and released the accompanying discomfort which has been relaxing in itself. Thanks very much"

Ian (amateur road cyclist)

"When I suffered back pain, Nick offered excellent treatment delivering real results. Nick explains what is wrong and advised on simple stretches and exercises. Nick is a good man and you can rest assure you are in the best of hands. Thank you Nick :) "

Todd Mackintosh - Cambridge

"My shoulder is totally pain free after your treatment this morning! You have done a fantastic job which is much appreciated"

Mike Ford - Cambridge

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