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Mind-Body Connection: The mind-body connection in relation to our health is now being proven by science. Science is telling us what may of us already know, that our thoughts and emotions can influence our body, and sensations felt in our body can affect how we feel in ourselves. This powerful connection is used by massage therapists to help bring feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing to a treatment.

How can massage help? Massage can treat far more than just muscles. It can have a positive impact on our health and throughout our whole being:

The accumulative effects of receiving regular massage can have a profound effect upon ours lives, leaving us feeling younger, healthier and more relaxed.

  • Massage can help people when under adverse stress by stimulating the relaxation response in the nervous system. This can improve stress-related symptoms such as tension headaches, sleeplessness or digestive problems.
  • Massage can release tension in neck and shoulder muscles which may be a sign of upper chest berthing (incorrect breathing patterns) and in doing so help relieve associated feelings of anxiety.
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