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Sports Massage: no longer the preserve of professional athletes, Sports Massage treatments focus on your muscles and joints in relation to your occupation, activities or sport.  A unique combination of advanced massage and stretching techniques will help your muscles rest, recover and repair, leaving you feeling relaxed, energised and ready for a new day!

How can Sports Massage help you? Whether you're looking for a specific treatment to deal with a sports or occupational injury or as a means of maintaining and improving muscle health, sports massage can have a powerful effect on your body. For example:

  • Keep your muscles and joints supple and flexible. 
  • Prevent injury and improve performance.
  • Enhance the tapering down process in preparation for an event by improving the quality of the recovery process after exercise.
  • Aid rehabilitation of muscles, tendons, ligaments or bone after injury or surgery.
  • Reduce shoulder, neck and back stiffness and tension from poor posture and long hours seated at a computer.
  • Help manage mental and emotional stress: Although Sports Massage has a reputation for being overly firm and sometimes painful, this is not the case with Nick's approach to Sports Massage. By applying massage techniques slowly, Nick's massage treatments are deeply relaxing, healing and an enjoyable experience.
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