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Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage is an effective way in which to relax and look after your muscles and joints. Firm pressure is applied slowly to your muscles ironing out any knots and muscle tension, leaving you feeling great!

Making a real difference: Nick's Deep Tissue Massage treatments are a cut above generic massage treatments. He will use his thumbs, fingers, elbows or knuckles to stretch and relax tight muscles and connective tissues (fascia) in a very focused and effective way. Nick's real skill lies in applying massage techniques to your specific needs, whilst encouraging deep relaxation in the body and mind. A truly healing experience!

How can Deep Tissue Massage help you? By softening tense muscles and releasing joint restrictions, Deep Tissue Massage is an effective treatment to help maintain good muscle health. Deep Tissue Massage is also an effective way in which to treat specific muscle problems, see below.

  • Feelings of tension and stiffness in your neck, back and hip muscles
  • Feelings of tightness and restriction in your shoulders, arms, legs and feet
  • Tension headaches
  • Tennis elbow and repetitive strain injury
  • Muscle aches and discomfort from spending long hours seated or standing in a poor posture and more.
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